Plants Vs Zombies Cheat Codes
daisies: When the zombies die they leave small daisies to mark where they each died.
dance: This cheat will make all of your zombies on the screen dance when activated.
future: Really cool cheat that gives all of the zombies in the game plants vs zombies glasses.
mustache: Do you like Burt Reynolds? Well this cheat is for you use it if you want your zombies to have mustaches.pinata: Ever wonder what would happen if you exploded a zombie on halloween? Well the Popcap games company has.
slowboke: A nice Planys Vs Zombies cheat code that allows you to make all of the zombies act very slowly.
sukhbir: Pick this Plants Vs Zombies cheat if the zombies start to get on your nerves & you want to shut them up a little bit
tohot: No need for sunflowers with this cheat available, just pick it to get unlimated Plants Vs Zombies Sun points.
trickedout: Sick of the lawnmower that the Zombie rides in this game? Well you can change its appearance with this Plants Vs Zombies code.

Plants Vs Zombies Achievements
ask me About mustache mode: Allows you to play the Plants Vs Zombies Mustache Mode.
better off dead: Get a streak of over 10 in I, Zombie Endless.
china shop: Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless
cryptozombologist: Discover the top secret zombie.
explodonator: Get this by killing 10 zombies by using just a single cherry bomb.
home lawn security: Complete the games adventure mode 100%.
immortal: Unlock this Plants Vs Zombies cheat code after getting 20 flags in Survival Endless.
morticulturalist: This is unlokable only after getting all 49 plants in the game.
nobel peas prize: Recieve the nobel peas prize after getting the imfamous golden sunflower trophy.
spudow!: Blow up a any zombie using a potato mine in the game.
towering wisdom: Growing the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet tall.
sunny days: Get 8000 sun during a single level.
walk this way: Use this cheat to Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.